About Us

“Term Sheet Battle is a unique concept and program that provides high value to the audience and cast. It should be mandatory for every entrepreneur.” Micke Paqvalen, Founder & CEO, Kiosked

What is a Term Sheet?

A term sheets is largely a non-binding agreement that form the foundation and
framework – terms and conditions of a business agreement. A term sheet guides legal counsel in the preparation of a proposed “final agreement. It contains business and legal jargon, ambiguity (that many entrepreneurs may not fully appreciate or understand), and the initial intention on which negotiations are based.


For venture capital financing, a term sheet typically includes conditions for financing, including the amount raised, price per share, valuation, liquidation preferences, voting rights, anti-dilution and registration rights. Key topics that Term Sheet Battle demystifies.



What is Term Sheet Battle?

Part education, part entertainment, dubbed “edutainment”, Term Sheet Battle brings you a live term sheet negotiation, highlighting important negotiation points and articulating ambiguous jargon to level the field for all parties.


When it comes to raising capital to fund startups and emerging growth ventures, those with the money often have the upper hand. Term Sheet Battle focus on demystifying the term sheet for budding entrepreneurs in order to get their businesses off the ground.


This unique investment event is hosted in different cities across the United States and Europe and features industry leaders in entrepreneurship and investment who negotiate a mock term sheet live on stage to help demystify negotiations for seed and venture capital financing.


Term Sheet Battles are an essential component of professional development and business growth regardless of industry. It’s an environment in which hard questions are answered, points are clarified and where first-time and seasoned entrepreneurs, alike, gain exposure that increases the likelihood of a successful venture and invites international, Silicon Valley-like business innovation.


We use the term “Battle” tongue in cheek. In the real world, term sheet negotiations should be “win/win” after all the parties need to work together for many years. Our events are not designed to be fist-fights, but that said, we know from Rome and the movies that most people love to witness a good fight – and so we also try to make our programs interesting, and give our audience what they want.  Thus, TermSheetBattle.com and our Term Sheet Battle programs, content, services and products are intended to be both educational and entertainment – “edutainment”.


In the course of our programs, we will focus on the main deal points – economic and control – that drive these financial transactions.  We also seek to educate, in an entertaining way, the startup and emerging growth ecosystem regarding the various interests, motivations, tactics and requirements of each of the stakeholders.  VCs and angels are not the bad guys – they are, after all, the ones plunking down real money to fuel the dreams that may, generate capital gains down the road.


Term Sheet Battle aims to educate, inspire and empower individuals, teams, and ecosystems on the art and science of financing startups and emerging growth ventures.