Term Sheet Battle – DTU Fotonik (Denmark) 2012

Thursday, December 20 2012
DTU Fotonik took the initiative of organizing the event and assembling a first rate cast and program. Manga Tak, Monika Luniewska for being the Whip, and Soren Holmark, Jens Broeng and Ole Kring, for going above and beyond the call of duty to create a unique Term Sheet Battle program, sharing knowledge and experience successfully spinning out and commercializing research institution IP and know-how outside academic ivory towers.
Download Event Materials DTU 2012 - Term Sheet DTU 2012 - Business Plan DTU 2012 - Term Sheet Battle Glossary   Ever wonder how entrepreneurs and high tech ventures "spin-off" or "spin-out" research intensive technology from institutions in connection with arranging their round of seed capital from outside investors? Wonder no more. Extremely valuable and unique content. Sit back to watch the cast battle it out. Make sure you download the event materials above to help you digest the content further.
06:00 PM Doors Open 06:30 PM Battle Begins 10:30 PM Networking & Drinks
You can download the event materials used during the event here:
DTU 2012 - Term Sheet DTU 2012 - Business Plan DTU 2012 - Term Sheet Battle Glossary
DTU Fotonik’s main areas of research are: Nanophotonics, Light sources and Industrial Sensors, Dynamic Photonics, Communication technology.
Specializing in startup and technology licensing in Denmark. Collaborates with attorney-at-law David Bluhm, active in the Silicon Valley area.
CIEL - Create the Future.
SMB is one of the world’s leading companies in designing and manufacturing diagnostic cartridges based on microfluid.