Term Sheet Battle – Mutual Success at DTU 2012

Mange Tak to the Cast and Crew that delivered one of our best programs ever on December 20, 2012: Term Sheet Battle – DTU 2012. Monika Luniewska spearheaded the initiative, and gets kudos for making it happen. all i ask of you . She approached TSB in late summer 2012 with the idea of assembling a cast to address the specific issues associated with trying to spin-out a commercial venture from a large research institution.


With her usual composition of charm and moxie, Monika was able to navigate the system to get the necessary financial and other approvals from the Title Sponsor: DTU Fotonik, Deparment of Engineering, Technical University of Denmark. She also helped to recruit an extremely talented, experienced and focused cast, including received the necessary approvals internally at DTU and assembled an extremely Ole Kring, Jes Broeng and Soren Holmark.
The crew included Monika (organizer and master of ceremony), Tim Reha (pre and post event social media and web development), Georgi Yankov (onsite videography and post-event video editing and production) and yours truly (creator, director, moderator). Spinning-out technology from research institutions presents a host of difficult issues, but it can be done and when it is it can create extremely sophisticated commercial ventures that change lives and create lots of jobs. Watch the video – it’s a good investment of time.