Term Sheet Battle Nordic Tour + Berlin Summary


Well-planned, straight-to-the-point, pure beef, very well chosen “players”

 Investment negotiations happen behind closed doors and are strictly confidential. The dramatized negotiation was indeed a mind jogger!The model where it is not lectured but rather improvised, was much more entertaining.

It addressed very relevant questions about something of critical importance that most entrepreneurs find extremely difficult and challenging to handle.As an rookie entrepreneur, it was very educating to see how funding negotiations go. Got ideas for tactics, what to check and how to argue. Plus of course basic knowledge of negotiation.

Real pro’s on stage. Both the entrepreneur and the VC’s get high marks from me!

Good setup, well prepared playbill, good and very experienced cast where all players understood terms and terminology

Great details! – entertaining – honest opinions (from VCs, too) – great value for unexperienced entrepreneurs

It was very concrete way to go through term sheet topics which was great!

Real investors, real founder, good lawer – great insights

Really valuable learning to see the negotiation and especially conclusions after each chapter

The concept is brilliant. And the performers were absolutely great. Great way to learn from such great experienced people.

“Very good for first timers! Transparent info from all parties which makes you understand all perspectives/agendas. Nice move to change it into a free event, because of the day and because noone knew about the event before.”

It was informative and as I am sitting in “real” term sheet battles almost every week now, it was great to get a silmulation with commentary on top.

I really liked the educational touch of it. When you did paus tha battle to explain everything and then each party added more info from their perspective.

It was really enlightening to watch how the participants negotiate, and a lot of the value comes from how they have timeouts and explain why they did what they did, from the startup camp and the VC camp. Explaining the standards was also really good, since most of the knowledge I’m gathering online, which is very U.S. biased. Thus it was very surprising to learn some stuffs, e.g. Creandum does no advocate for a founder to be on the board. Great venue and well organized over all!

The guests, the hosting venue, the speakers, and the theme of the whole event which was very informative and spot on what an early stage startup needs to know!

The whole subject is innovative and very helpful for entrepreneurs

It was real and practical – not theoretical. The people “on stage” were hands-on people, who talked about a real case. We were invited to watch the negotiation.