The term-sheet battle was very insightful in highlighting the sticking-points in a term-sheet negotiation, especially with regards to the nuances in EU and US conditions.” – Micha H, Amsterdam

It’s a good initiative to educate entrepreneurs more about the corporate view of deals. The before and after drinks made it possible to meet the different entrepreneurs and discuss further.”- Marion L, Amsterdam

Term Sheet Battle Malmö was awesome! A very enjoyable performance by the contenders and great new insights obtained.” – Fredrik C, Malmo

This case gave the audience a hint of just how complex a term sheet can be – and that it’s important to get professional help for your negotiation.” – David K, Malmo

My third Term Sheet Battle, and I’m still learning…” – Alex F, Twitter

Term Sheet Battle is interesting and amusing. The stats on the terms of closed Series A are especially helpful.”
– Jochem W, Twitter

Most certainly the best startup event in Amsterdam this month was the Term Sheet Battle. I’m hereby already signing up for the next. Why? First and foremost the quality of the performers. The startup founder as well as the venture capitalist and the referee were highly impressive in the way they showcased what a term sheet battle can be like. Secondly, the variety of the attendees…top performers from all over the country attended because they really felt they could learn something… What I felt was most striking were the comments of the lady [a VC] sitting next to me. When I asked her how she experienced it, she said “well, this is exactly how we do it” and “they (the founders) always say that (it’s not fair!), they should just get over it and learn it’s business”. This is exactly the type of events young entrepreneurs need. Those who can, teach – at its finest.” – Hanna V, Amsterdam

TSB was one of the best shows during LeWeb, really enjoyed it!” – Uldis L, London